Anarchy in New Brunswick

Telling it like it is

In India, tens of thousands of people make their living in the fishing industry. It’s a simple if1system, that has served them well for centuries. In the morning, thousands of fisherman take to the seas, some in boats little better than canoes. They fish by hand, and in the afternoon, bring their catch to the beaches.  When they arrive, a multitude of fish buyers appear at the water’s edge. They barter and dicker with the fishermen until a satisfactory price is reached, and the fishermen go home for the day with their pay. As for the buyers, they move on to the markets.


India has hundreds of markets where the citizens gather to buy fresh fish for their supper. if2Here, the fish buyers would sell their fish to the market vendors, making their profit and collecting their day’s pay as well. The vendors then sell to the public. This…

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