“The Difference between us Indians and Illegal Mexicans?”

The Quinde Journey | The Guancavilcas


LastRealIndians states the following quote on the Facebook page:

“Natives saying ‘You can barely tell the difference between us Indians and them illegal Mexicans that can’t speak English, huh?’ [with a slightly condescending laugh at “can’t speak English”]. ***LOL that’s because they are the same as you imbecile victims of colonial brainwashing that you’re so proud to speak English and be a ‘legal’ American. We don’t have to perpetuate the artificial divisions of the colonizer. Same thing goes for Natives jokingly calling each other n**** or making fun of how ‘dark’ a native is by calling them “black boy.” We’ve got to teach our children better than that.”

Just because we speak Spanish does not mean we are automatically “Hispanic” or “Latino.” Would it be the same for a North American Indian who speaks English to be labeled as “Britannic”?  The Indo-mestizo people in North, Central, and South America are conflicted with their mixed-identity and are taught to hate their…

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