Latinidad Without Latinos: In Response to the Question: “Will Hispanics be The New White?”

Race-work, Race-love

Let’s be honest.

We are terrified of the disease that is White Supremacy.

And let’s be even more honest: we are terrified of the bodies capable of spreading that disease.

The effects of White Supremacy – otherwise known as racism – are very real. The mortality rates of people of color are much shorter than that of Whites; the educational and employment opportunities are much less for people of color; mass incarceration of Black and Brown people are at an all time high; and the likelihood to be Stopped and Frisked or detained for looking Brown and Undocumented are much higher for people of color….need I go on?

Essentially, White Supremacy kills.

So I am not surprised that Latinos would be thrown in the debate about tipping the scales of White Supremacy. But this point keeps getting missed when we ask “Who is White?” in relation to Latinos as Jamelle…

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