Saskatchewan Metis leader calls on Ottawa to end national funding

Global News

SASKATOON – The head of the Metis Nation Saskatchewan (MNS) is asking Ottawa to stop funding the national organization after the recent re-election of its president.

Robert Doucette, the president of MNS, called into question the recent re-election of Clem Chartier as president of the Metis National Council (MNC), saying Chartier was not democratically re-elected.

At issue, said Doucette, is how the MNC president voting delegates were chosen.

“Never in my twenty years of attending MNC annual general assemblies have I seen an MN-S executive not be a delegate sitting at the table representing Metis citizens at the MNC annual general meetings,” said Doucette.

Doucette alleges MNS vice president Gerald Morin and nine area directors replaced four democratically elected officials with three people who had not been elected which allowed Chartier to win the MNC presidency by one vote.

“As far as I’m concerned at this present moment, the MNC…

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