Celebrating July 4th???

Native Mothers Speak

This July 4th I have chosen not to celebrate the flag or the signing of the Declaration. I came to this decision after much thought and research. Did you know that in the Declaration there is a line that calls Native Americans “merciless savages?” Now I know many of you would say that it’s in the past, blah blah blah, but isn’t July 4th celebrating the Declaration? So why would I, a Native American, celebrate a document that calls my ancestors merciless savages?
Now onto the second item used in celebrating July 4th. The American Flag. The flag is a symbol of prosperity and independence. Well, to most Natives, it represents completely the opposite. For every star affixed to the flag my ancestors lost their families, lands, and cultures. The flag was used as a weapon against our people as was the Bible that came across the Atlantic Ocean.


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