iBandz Wristbandz Review By Nish Homeschool

I was provided free Ibandz brand wristbands to engage in this review and the opinions provided here on Anishinaabek Windwriter  are 100% mine.

Thinking back on my years in high school I remember one teacher that really made a difference on my personal outlook in life. One of her favorite sayings was Live, Love and Laugh. This was said in reference to keeping youngsters from drugs, suicide, alcohol prevention and getting happy off of life! So my kids and I decided to choose Live, Love and Laugh as our characters for the Ibandz bracelets, because we want to continue to make a difference in our communities just as my teacher in high school made a difference in my life. Ibandz is a fun way to show love, team spirit or just about anything that a youngster feels proud about.

Each band is $12 and includes 5 characters and for just .50 more you can add on another character. I personally love the fact that we can personalize a versatile bracelet that can be worn with any outfit. This is a positive way for children to express themselves and makes a fantastic gift too! #iBandzWristBandsRock

You can order your personalized Ibandz bracelet directly from their website:

Order Yours HERE


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