Common Law Relationship Status and Travel Papers Advanced Directives Warning

Many of you wonder where I have been the last few weeks. Well I have been stuck in Tennessee trying to prove a common law relationship in order to be next to my spouse that suffered a traumatic brain injury. Your peace of mind will be rocked to no end if you do not have papers establishing a legal relationship between your spouse and you. This is a major warning for people that truly love each other and could never imagine life without their domestic partner. So, just in case you get caught in the middle of the bible belt be ready with an advanced directive in order to assert your spousal rights. Because if one person at the hospital challenges your status you will be in a miserable pursuit to prove who you are to your spouse. Be ready to be drug through the dirt of vengeful family members, power hungry administrators and money hungry lawyers. Be prepared for long phone conversations and lonely nights without access to a loved one. My advice is to make sure you travel with your documents and make sure you have witnesses too. Until next time please pray that our situation improves! Miigwetch~


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