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By Janet Pinto, Chief Academic Officer, Curriki janetpic_preferred_cropped

If you know a math teacher or a student who’s interested in math, please tell them about Curriki. Did you know we offer more than 15,000 free online math open educational resources (OERs)? Here are our most popular math resources over the past year.

  1. fractionsTeaching Fractions  – this collection includes lessons and videos, including “Fraction Operations” and “Fun with Fractions.”
  2. Math for Americas: Lessons, Activities and Problems – designed for middle and high school students, this includes collections of lessons, activities, and problems organized by subject (pre-algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, geometry and more).
  3. Geometry_mobile2Curriki Geometry PBL Modules –  Curriki Geometry comprises six Common Core State Standards (CCSS)- aligned projects. The projects are available in both PDF format for easy download and in an online course format at www.currikigeometry.org.
  4. Division (video) from Khan Academy –  This video is an introduction to…

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The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane Book Giveaway

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Happy Monday!

It’s been a busy couple weeks. Two weeks ago, I attended the Seattle RWA Emerald City Writing Conference and presented: Map It Out: Using Setting to Plot Your Story. The workshop was well-attended–even though it was at 8:30 on Saturday morning! Afterwards, I scurried off to my two pitches–both with agents, one of whom I really hit it off with and will be submitting to her soon.

This past Friday, I met my deadline and sent off my first three chapters and 10 page synopsis of a new sweet, contemporary romance to a Harlequin Heartwarming editor. This was an opportunity I won in May during the Brenda Novak auction and I met the deadline of submitting by October 31.

I am a firm believer in rewarding ourselves when we meet big deadlines, regardless of how the outcome of meeting that deadline turns out, I think it’s important to…

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12 great free online courses

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Much ado has been made in recent years over the quickly rising cost of healthcare in the United States. But the cost of college tuition and fees has skyrocketed at nearly twice that rate. Going to college today will cost a student 559% more than it did in 1985, on average.

In an exciting talk given at TEDGlobal 2012, Stanford professor Daphne Koller explains why she was inspired — alongside fellow professor Andrew Ng — to create Coursera, which brings great classes from top universities online for free. Coursera classes have specific start dates, require students to take quizzes and turn in assignments, as well as allowing professors to customize their course into online chunks rather than simply recording their lectures.

When she spoke at TED Global, Coursera offered classes from four top colleges — Princeton University, the University of Michigan, Stanford University and the University of…

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The Liberation of Norma Jean Book Review By Nish Homeschool Parents Network

23154623 The Liberation of Norma Jean was a perfect weekend read. I curled up in my chair and took some time out to enjoy this book and I am glad that I did.

The reader could feel the empathy flowing from the pages by those who supported the main character throughout the book. The author keeps the reader turning pages, with perfect details for her readers to follow the storyline fully. The main character is well developed and the reader can certainly feel empathy for her as well as those that are touched by her kind heart. Undoubtedly the author wants her readers to understand why the main character responds to life’s uncertainties the way that she does, and she does not leave her audience trying to guess what happened in the past. Strong details and attached heart strings keep the reader wanting to know what happens next, and this was a plus for me. This book challenges the readers to look deep into the problems of child abuse at any age and stage as well as mental illness and the consequences and shame of rape. I feel that the author gives an objective point of view on these common dysfunctional attributes of families that are struggling on the fringes of society. This is a story that awakens the soul of humanity and proves that there is something much greater than hate!