Another ‘polar vortex’? Blame a typhoon that started some 10,000 km away

Global News

WATCH: With more than a month to go until the start of winter, Parts of Canada and the U.S. are well below freezing and covered in a blanket of snow. Reid Feist and Jackson Proskow report.

TORONTO – It’s a perfect illustration of how interconnected weather is across our planet.

People across the Prairies and northern Ontario and Quebec are getting an early taste of winter-like weather. What’s responsible for the deep freeze started out a week ago near Guam in the Pacific Ocean.

Typhoon Nuri as it moves northeast past Japan Typhoon Nuri, seen here on Nov. 4, is clearly interacting with wind patterns in the upper atmosphere.

Typhoon Nuri — in the Pacific Ocean on Oct. 30 — made its way through the Philippine Sea, north off the coast of Japan and then across the North Pacific and towards Alaska.

When it reached Alaska, on Nov. 7, well, things just went downhill from there.

Interacting with the jet…

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