WATCH: Kelowna man not guilty of murdering his mother because of temporary insanity

Global News

KELOWNA – In the end, it was the verdict the prosecutor, the defence and the victim’s family wanted.

A Kelowna man who killed his mother in the family home in September 2012 has been found not guilty of second-degree murder.

Kate Gilchrist, 57, died from multiple hammer blows to her head.

There were two possible explanations for the senseless act of violence: either Conor Grossmith was compelled to kill by extreme alcohol intoxication or an extreme psychotic state stemming from his pre-existing bi-polar disease.

The judge ruled it was primarily the latter, finding Grossmith not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder.

“At the time of the attack on his mother, I find that Conor Grossmith was incapable of knowing that his act was wrong. I find on a balance of probabilities, but for the major mental disorder, there would have been no attack,” says Madame Justice Alison Beames.


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