Eastern Medicine Singers

Native Voices United Radio is so proud to have an accomplished Native Group such as Eastern Medicine Singers to be featured on our blog and station. They are an Algonquin drum group from Providence, Rhode Island. We have featured their music on our station before and thoroughly enjoy it!  I wanted to do a review of their 2nd CD before our 3rd one arrives so that everyone will get a chance to tune in and get theirs before the new one is out. Many of you tune in and have listened to our shows in the past and heard their rhythmic Native sounds on our show! If you have not heard them yet, or you have and were interested in picking up a Music CD for your family please contact them at www.easternmedicinesingers.webs.com. You will be able to purchase their latest Music CD of your choice as well as take a look around at all the happenings in their eastern community. We thank them for allowing us to review their music as well as feature them on NVU Radio.

Eastern Medicine Singers

Eastern Medicine Singers


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