Six-Year-Old Girl’s 911 Call Likely Saves Grandfather’s Life In South Jersey

CBS Philly

By Jessica Dean

VINELAND, N.J., (CBS) — She may only be six-years-old, but one little girl in Vineland, New Jersey is already a hero.

When her grandfather got sick, she jumped into action, likely saving his life.

Aisha Clarke knows all about 911.

“It’s important to call them if it’s a real emergency, not if someone stole my crayon,” said Aisha Clarke.

On February 22 she used that knowledge to help save her 84-year-old grandfather’s life.

“I saw he was not talking right. And then I noticed he said he was feeling alright, but he’s not,” she said.

Winston Clarke suffers from diabetes.

Aisha knew his blood sugar had dropped and she wasted no time.

“I called the ambulance and then first the police came and then the ambulance came,” she said.

Her bravery did not go unnoticed.

Just this week, Aisha received a certificate of heroism from the City…

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