Water advocates say B.C.’s new pricing scheme doesn’t go far enough

Global News

WATCH: B.C.’s new water pricing laws have yet to take effect but already a petition is calling on the government to charge bottled water companies much more for our natural resource. Elaine Yong reports.

Last year, the B.C. government announced with much fanfare a Water Sustainability Act, intended to modernize the province’s antiquated water laws, which received criticism after it was revealed that Nestlé Waters Canada used 230 million litres of fresh water every year for free from an aquifer in the Fraser Valley.

A year later, and people who initially applauded the government’s act are much more restrained in their praise.

“The act itself has the potential to be good,” says Ian Stephen of the Water Welath Project. “[But] I’m very concerned frankly as a message these first regulations are sending.”

At issue are the low rates for groundwater. While B.C. will no longer allow companies to take…

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